Far Cry 6 - Special Operations

Developed by Ubisoft Berlin for lead studio Ubisoft Toronto

Role Lead Technical Content
Type Commercial Game
Time Frame 2018 - 2021
Platforms Windows, PS4/5, Xbox One/Series, Stadia, Luna
Release October 2021
Links Official Site

Ubisoft Berlin contributed all Special Operation worlds to Far Cry 6 and developed a new gameplay mechanic that promotes playing them in COOP.

In Special Operations players need to retrieve a heat sensitive compound from a heavily secured freezer. On their way back to the extraction site players have to keep the compound cool by staying in shade and cooling it with water.

As Lead Technical Content I was responsible for line management of technical disciplines in Berlin (Technical Animation, Technical Art and Technical Level Design) and also had my share of hands-on work as a Technical Level Designer.

With my team we implemented and maintained all kinds complex data setups in close coordination with programmers, level and game designers to support the heat gameplay and bring the Special Operation worlds to life. Additionally ensuring everything is built to predefined metrics, providing visual scripting libraries and technical assistance was a major focus for us.

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